About  AIV

Founded in 1920, AIV has consistently stood at the forefront of the evolving issues faced by Vermont's diverse and dynamic manufacturing sector and related businesses.

AIV provides legislative and regulatory advocacy and representation at the state and federal levels, news and information, education, service and benefit discounts, networking, and other member services.

More than any other business association, AIV understands the economic importance of manufacturing, which not only provides the best wages, benefits, and opportunities for working Vermonters, but also the greatest support for other economic sectors.

For now more than 100 years, our lobbying, benefits, and services have reflected this fundamental understanding.  That is why so many manufacturers and other businesses and organizations are members of AIV.

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Mission Statement

The mission of this association is to serve as an advocate for the industrial and business community in the formulation of public policy that protects and enhances Vermont's private enterprise economy.

That economy can only be sustained by thoughtfully applying the best principles of free market economics, carefully limiting government intervention, and creating a competitive economic climate with incentives for risk-taking, investment, and self-reliance.

It is our fundamental belief that a prosperous private enterprise economy, free from unreasonable taxation and regulation, will provide the resources necessary to simultaneously raise the standard of living of working Vermonters, conserve natural resources, and provide social services for those unable to provide for themselves.